The FarmDaddy's Patented System makes it the most efficient gardening container on the market.   One of the most ingenious features of the FarmDaddy® is the simplicity of how the garden container is watered.  The unit, requiring NO electricity, attaches to a common garden hose (or rain barrel) and is self-regulating . The FarmDaddy® garden container provides each plant the precise amount of water it needs at the exact time it needs it. Each self watering FarmDaddy® container maintains optimal plant hydration 24/7 which maximizes plant growth potential. One box can be daisy chained to up to 600 boxes. Due to the bypass in each box, only the boxes that need water receive hydration.

The FarmDaddy® container can DOUBLE and even TRIPLE yields using less water and fertilizer compared to conventional gardening. Other so called watering box systems still need the user to physically add water at regular intervals.

The FarmDaddy® garden container is a unique product. It is designed to serve diversified farming and agricultural needs. It is a reliable, ecologically friendly, self watering garden container. It provides accelerated growth and increased productivity for growing fresh organic food or flowers.