WOW! Thank you John & Kim for sending pictures of your FarmDaddy Garden!

"Last year, we purchased 4 FarmDaddies for a container garden.  I've attached a photo of our plantings.  I cannot say enough about how easy there were to set up, and self-maintain.  We attached the first FarmDaddy to a rain barrel and they literally took care of themselves from day 1. 

We grew oregano (which lasted through the winter and is now in its second season), tomatoes, peppers, and basil.  My only concern was that the plants grew so well, your recommendation for number of plants/farmdaddy was too high.  My bell peppers were so healthy, we harvested them until late November."

"We were so pleased with how they performed, we purchased 3 more this year and expanded our garden."

"The cucumbers and tomatoes are growing so big and fast that we had to build a PVC support for them. We love our FarmDaddies!"