Plant a Seed in Our Father's Garden

You can participate in Plant A Seed In Our Father's Garden which is rooted in the heartfelt tradition of sharing a bountiful harvest with others.

Giving from the garden is a simple, deeply satisfying way to meet a growing need.

The FarmDaddy® self watering garden container is the easiest way to grow food on the planet.

Grow vegetables at your location in a FarmDaddy® self watering garden container.

Fresh, organic and nutritional vegetables are harvested allowing your group to:

1.  Give to local families and those in need.

2.  Help support or start a soup kitchen or food pantry.

3.  Sell to the public via farmers' market with the proceeds going directly to your organization to use as it decides.

Anyone can support a FarmDaddy® garden container for $99 annually. First year's $99 pays for the FarmDaddy® container, potting mix and seeds. All proceeds from the vegetables, as well as 100% of the annual renewal fees belong to your organization.

Contact FarmDaddy to get started at or call 407-310-8270