Randy Porter FarmDaddy

FarmDaddy's Story

Randy Porter, FarmDaddy® owner and creator, had a legitimate problem. He wanted the benefit of organic vegetables for his family, but he didn’t want to pay the high prices grocery stores charge for organic produce. He knew that he could grow his own organic vegetables much cheaper, but because his family often traveled, a traditional garden was impossible to maintain. Fortunately, American ingenuity prevailed, and the Self-Watering FarmDaddy® was created.

“I thought ‘Gardening shouldn’t be this hard,” he said. “You should be able to just plant it and let it grow.” As family, friends and others saw the prolific growth of Porter’s vegetables, they soon wanted a FarmDaddy® too.

So, like many other successful entrepreneurs, what once was a simple solution for his family, became the solution for many other families. “Our customers love that they can have a productive garden and do not have to physically add the water or dig up the hard ground,” Porter said. “The FarmDaddy® can be placed anywhere there is sun, so it can be placed right outside your back door and is perfect for all ages.