The Patented FarmDaddy Made Simple In 3 Easy Steps


Step 1 Pic 1.jpg

Step 1:  Materials & Preparations

To get started,  you will need to have access to a water source such as a rain barrel or a garden hose.  The other materials you will need are:

1)    Your FarmDaddy!

2)   2.25 Cubic Feet of Potting Mix (NOT POTTING SOIL)

3)   2 Cups of Granular Fertilizer (3 cups if using organic fertilizer). The three numbers making up the fertilizer content should be in the range of 5 to 15 (i.e.12-8-10, 10-10-10, 6-8-10). Avoid water-soluble fertilizers as well as time-release fertilizers.

4)   1 Standard Garden Hose. (Commercial or Heavy-duty recommended.)

5)   Seed or Seedlings

Step 2:  Adding the Soil

farmdaddy step 2 A.png

A)  Before starting, consider where you will place your FarmDaddy container.  Make sure that the box will be sitting level. Place your container in in area that will receive at least 6-8 hours of sunlight (for most plants).  Fill the container halfway with potting mix. Break up the mix so that it is "clump-free".

Step 2 B.png

B)  Generously add water and mix thoroughly until saturated. Add the remaining potting mix to the box, filling it to the brim. Break up any remaining clumps. Spread the mix out for a level finish.


Step 2 C.png

C)  Water once more while placing hands into the potting mix. Make sure there are no dry spots. Create a groove down the center length of the FarmDaddy box as shown.

Step 3: Fertilize and Plant

Step 3 A.png

A)  Pour the fertilizer evenly into the groove.  Cover the fertilizer with potting mix and even out the surface.  Stretch the weed cover over the top.


step B B.png

B)  Cut holes in the top cover. Refer to our Planting Guide for plant placement. Using your fingers, create a hole in the potting mix.  Place the seedling/seed into the hole.  Push the mix  around it to hold it firmly in place.

step B C.png

D)  You're almost done! Water each seedling/seed thoroughly and  connect the hose to the FarmDaddy box. Turn on the water  and "Grow Like A Pro!"