FarmDaddy Fall Garden Sale!

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FarmDaddy Summer Sale.JPG

FarmDaddy Fall Garden Sale!


20% Off FarmDaddy Self Watering Garden Containers!

Simple Setup, NO Electricity or Timers, NO Weeding/Digging, Conserves Water. BUY NOW! 3 Days ONLY!

(Retail Price $97, Promo $77 each)

Offer Valid: November 1-3rd, 2018

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(Weed Covers & Connector Hoses Sold Separately)

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FarmDaddy® is a self-watering container gardening system. Whether you live in an apartment, condo or have acres of land, you can grow a variety of edible plants effortlessly with the FarmDaddy® Self Watering Garden Container! There's NO hand-watering, digging or weeding! The self watering FarmDaddy is easy to set up. Connect up to 600 FarmDaddy Containers with just one hose! No electricity is required!
ANYONE can GROW LIKE A PRO using the FarmDaddy system!